Kiko Eye shadow swatch and review

Good Afternoon everyone! how are you today? and how's your 1sr weekend in 2012?
well i spend my weekend doing my film project for my final exam, i think im gonna post the video on my blog when we done filming and editing it.

i know i've been abandon myh blog for a week, that's because my sister took her camera with her and i can't borrow it for a while, so i stuck with no camera, i can't take picture with my blackberry, because the came sucks! so here's my last picture with the SLR.

today i wanted to show you my Kiko eye shadow  which i got it back in November and i haven't got the chance to swatch it until now. i got 3 eye shadow, and here they are :

left - right : #34 #41 #06

#41, it s a like marble eye shadow from MAC, it's purple with mix of pink and black also there's a gold, blue and magenta micro shimmer in it. 

 #34, it's baby pink marble with eye shadow, this one has more hars glitter then the other two i have. and the color finish it's like glitter eye shadow, which this one has pink, gold, green glitter in it.

#06 is a lime color eye shadow, this one also a marble eye shadow mic of gold and lime green, this one is more opaque then the other two also the soft one. it's like duo chrome eye shadow if you see it closely. and it's also has a orange, gold and green  micro shimmer  in it. 
left *one swipe*- right *3 or 4 swipe* : #34 #41 #06

over all i like the color specially the purple one it's look cute on the pan it self, i haven't try this eye shadow on my eye but im going to try it soon. from this tree the best color pay of is the green one, and the pink one i think it's better for layering or for your tear drop. the purple best for the smokey look. 

am i going to buy this again? Yes in other color.


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