Sari Ayu Trend Warna 2012

Today i wanted to show you a new make up collection from Sari Ayu. Sari Ayu is a Local brand that you can found in Indonesia, but they pretty much big brand here. they sold make up also skin care line. well i never try their skin care product, but i do love their eye shadow.

last year i bought their 25th anniversary eye shadow palette which i haven't do a swatch or review for that. but now im just going to review about the new trio eye shadow from Sari Ayu. this Eye Shadow named Etnika Nusa Tenggara. the name of the trio was from an Island in Indonesia. most of their collection named from Indonesian Island or traditional music instrument.

 so here's the inside Packaging, you got a small mirror and a double ended brush which i never use. maybe you can still use the sponge but the other brush is so annoying.

Swatch with out primer

 so i play around with this trio 

i do really like this palette and the eye shadow payoff very good. they so pigmented they easy to blend and apply, i found  a little bit fall out, but it doesn't matter for me. it coast for 50.000 IDR or about 6$ for this Trio. i think im gonna go back and grab the teal or the turquoise one because i love blue and it's pretty.


  1. This looks amazing on you! I am surprised the darker pink went on much lighter than it looks in the pan.

  2. thank you, but i think it's not a pink, it's like coral orange. i can't tell it now since i broke all the eye shadow and cant re-depot it again huhu

  3. Wow, it looks so pretty. I might get this. Thanks for d swatches :)


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