Butter London - No More Waity, Katie

Today i have a nail polish review and swatch for you. a friend of mine lent me his camera which i really appreciate it. so while i have his camera im gonna swatch all the nail polish that i haven't tried yet. also i might gonna buy this camera but still want to play with it.
so today i have the Butter London - No More Waity, Katie. i have this for almost 4 month ago i think. but
now finally i can play with this baby!

Butter London - No More Waity, Katie, is a purple- gray based with lilac glitter in it the color is awkward for me, but pretty. this is a sheer nail polish i used 4 coats for this swatch. you might want to give a little time between the layering.

here's some macro shoot to see the glitter in this polish


  1. I wanted this shade for some time...when I did get it, super dissapointed. Mine was like syrup - really a sticky mess. I added thinner but was careful not to add much because I feared it would end up a sheer with chunky glitter in it. It takes forever to dry and like so many Butters, I find it too has a chipping problem...but I wear it when I know I can change out the next day because the shade really is amazing.

  2.  i agree with you. some of the butter london nail polish have a thick formula, some of them isn't. i usually use seche vite thinner for this polish but make sure you only put enough thinner to the nail polish :). but for me this is perfect color.

  3. I love this colour!  It wore like iron on me :)  After seeing this I'm going to have to whip it out soon for spring!

  4.  me too! the color is beautiful and unique!


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