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Hi Reader how are you? well i am very exited because i have a long weekend! i have a couple plans to do. i might wanna meet some Indonesia beauty blogger or im gonna go to Pasar Baru *local market* where  i can find a lot of make up supply and salon supply. i have a project for my hair for next month and im going to show you what my plan tomorrow.

Wallis is a green base with gold and olive shimmer in it. the shimmer was so amazing and really make this polish look so stunning! and let me tell you this is so shinny even you didn't put any top coat!

the formula it self so amazing, i only need 2 coats to get the full coverage for this. and i the good this is that this one is not too thick.

so have u try this color? i absolutely recommended this color for you guy's because this is amazing color!


  1. Wow.. Love the glitter.. I've been wanting to try this color ^^ 

  2.  you should try, this is a pretty color :D

  3. I did not like this shade when it came out - it was reading too gold to me - like it had gold leaf over it rather than gold in it. I think it was a reaction I was having to a) not wanting to wear darks yet when it was released...and then also I did not like the Chanel Peridot and thought this was kind of the Butter attempt at same. Now after time looking at it a lot, I really like it. Nice as it's available now & you can find it for retail price or less.

  4. This looks great on you!  It's a favourite of mine!

  5. the color really different from Chanel i think. but sure you must like this color.  and this one is more affordable than Chanel! i love chanel color but i hate to pay it! hahaha

  6.  thanks Kas!! it was one of my favorite from butter london :D


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