Cult Nails - Unicorn Puke

today i have one of my top nail polish, and i've been dreaming for this polish for a long time. i really love Cult nails nail polish, but the problem is they cant ssend their polish to Indonesia, so i could only drools if the other nail blogger post and loved the Cult Nail nail polish.

until Marta introduce me to Mei mei, she is one of Singapore blogger but she also sell some nail polish from other country like A-englang, cult nails, Nfu Oh etc. im lucky enough to get to know her so i cant grab this limited edition Unicorn Puke! but sadly, she gonna stop selling Cult nails nail polish.

so here's my dream nail polish from Cult Nails :

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke - this is a flakie nail polish with purple jelly base, it meant to be a top coat or layering nail polish. but in these picture i used it as a single nail polish. this was 3 coats, still you can see my nail lines there.

the drying time was awesome! i really like this nail polish brand. i wish they have a silver font for a;; of their nail polish and gold font for the special edition nail polish.


  1. This polish is also a dream of mine -I have missed it 3X over - I believed the blurb on the web site that they had plenty so pre-orders were not necessary! Wrong - sold out on pre oders when it change names to Clairvoyant on re-release.


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