FOTD + Miss eye Vaidurya Lens Review

last month i purchased another soflens, i wanted this softlens for a long time ago. the problem that i have is when i purchased the lenses i never use it for everyday, because im too lazy to clean and to put it on my eyes. so my main reason to purchased this lens is for my FOTD look.

i still want to buy one more lens it's from GEO lens i think, but i have a problem with GEO lens before. i try the super nudy pink, which has a big diameter and it's really uncomfortable for my eyes and i always feel there's something in my eye, also it made my eyes watery. but since i try Miss eye and Fairy of water i never have the same problem.

so here's the review and picture :

 *Top with flash*
*middle Natural light*
*comparison with flash *

the lens really comfortable and i think it's the same like Fairy water, it obviously make my eye bigger and but not make the look scary. i haven't try it for a long time i never have the chance so sorry. but the color brightness is a little bit disappointing, i was hoping this will be brighter some how. but other than that im happy with this lens. 

EDIT : i wore this lens today for 8 hours, i've been wore it since 4pm until 12pm. i went to mall with my BF. and using motor cycle and it doesn't feels dry or what so ever!!


  1. They look very nice, where did u buy them?


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