Match Macth Eye Make Up And Nail Art

hi feel's good to be back at blogging, from now on im going to post nail art picture. i still using my blackberry camera, so that's why i didn't want to do a swatch post.

so you guys now last month i joined a make up contest and i was thinking and how about i turn my eye make up into a nail art, so i did a try and i must say im not happy whit the finish look. but i took the inspiration from the color i used for the eye make up

so i hope you guys like it, i kninda hate and like this nail art. i do love the sponging color but i think i made a mistake on stamping color and image :D

have a good day :D


  1. The sponging color combo is very pretty!
    Although I do think that the image for stamping are too big and hide the pretty color combo :/
    I think a more smaller and simple plate is better XDD

  2. I think it's amazing what you came up with before the stamping! I have never seen anything like it! You have to tell us how to do it...did you sponge eye shadow into clear topper or what? And yes, the stamping was too heavy.

  3.  thank you :). for this nail art i used the make up sponge and i only use base coat under this nail art :)

  4.  thank you :)

    i couldn't agree more with you! i did a terrible job! hahaha.


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