OPI Make Men Blush plus Spring Water Marble!

hiyah beauty ladies! how are you? i've been stuck at home for 3 days. i can't go to campus because there's demonstration happening at Jakarta for several days. my parent afraid that this is gonna be chaos, so they told me to not go to campus! 

today i want to show you guys my new nude baby pink nail polish, this one by OPI Make Men Blush, which is a very pretty pink! im not big fans of this nail polish color because it wont look pretty on my hands. it only make my hand look dirty! so so far i haven't found best soft pink nail polish for my skin tone.

OPI Make Men Blush, this is a pink with pink shimmer, the shimmer it self really soft and you maybe wont notice it at the first glance. it obviously a sheer color, on this swatch i used 4 coats but 3 coats will be just fine. this is also great color for french manicure.

then i was so crazy with water marble lately and i haven't done that for a long time, so i grabbed some spring color *at least that's what im thinking* then i added the star to make it look cute. i think i should put flower fimos instead of star. but still i really like this water marble :D

hope you guys enjoy and have a good day


  1. You watermarbeling turned out great! Be safe. Gotta watch out for the mob mentality. Hard however to miss school. Hope you can get with all your instructors via web to keep catch up and they understand why you cannot be in class. Sure you are not the only one in the same situation.

  2.  thank you so much. thanks God the demonstration has stop! but still i got absent for last week --'

  3. glad that u liked it :D


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