China Glaze Cha Cha Cha Review And Swatch

Good Morning! i know you must been confuse why i do a morning post for today. well i have a new puppy my friend tell me to keep him for a while, the puppy still 4month old and he supper annoying but cute. he sleep in my room for now one thing that i hate is, when he wakes up he'll pee in my room and that's why i wake up early!

so today i decided to wore  a bright green nail polish from china glaze and i added a glittering tips for a quick to go nail art.

 China Glaze Cha cha cha, is a bright green with gold micro glitter in it. i really liked the color it's a fresh green color. this is a sheer polish i ended up applying 3 coats for the full opacity.

the funny part is the name of this nail polish is the same as my dog Name, i have 3 dog they are pecking breed, and her name is Cha cha, but i like to call her chabum because she so fluffy and fat! haha


  1. Still a great fav shade of mine!

  2.  the color was fun and bright. i dont mind the sheer texture it was a quick dry nail polish


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