Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo Review

Today i want to review this Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo! but before i review about this product let me tell you my hair condition and my problem! :

my hair problem is that i have to change my shampoo every 3 month, if i didn't change my shampoo i'll get itchy and flaky scalp which is not FUN! then i started to try every single shampoo that i could find in my local store here, but none of them solve my problem! then about two years ago i got  another hair problem! my hair will get so smelly like i haven't wash it for 2 days! but in fact i just washed it 4 hours ago! can you imagine that! just in 4 or 3 hours my hair smell so bad!

so until i Google my hair problem, i think i have an oily scalp with dry hair, i found that to reduce the smelly, itchy and flaky scalp i need a shampoo that contain Tar! i don't know what Tar is. but when i Google about this, many source recommended to try the Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo.

i try this shampoo for almost 2 weeks now, i do love this shampoo it did helps my hair problem! no more smelly scalp, it reduce hair fall! but i still get flaky scalp but only when i scratch my scalp but it's not like before! i feel my hair much better now!

so let's begin my journey whit neutrogena shampoo!
day 1 - 3 : still get the smelly scalp for about 6 hours after i washed my hair
day 4 : the smelly scalp after 12 hours after i washed my hair and i only can smell it if u rub my scalp with my finger!
day 5 - now : no more smelly scalp, no more hair fall!!!!

what i like :
- no more smelly hair but after 24 hours
- reduce hair fall
- no more itchy scalp
- feel so good on my hair and make my hair soft
- it's cheap i think no more that 10$ for 200ml!

i don't like :
- HARD TO FIND! it's not available in Indonesia, i have to buy it at Australia


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