L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask Review

so i did a post about L'Occitane beauty event a couple days ago and today i would like to share with you my 1st impression about their Instant Hydration Mask. this is not my 1st time use the product i've used 3 times now just to show you how i really like this product!

what is it?

L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask, is a clear gel mask that have a amazing refreshing scent. this mask is to help moist, brightening your skin in 3 minutes!the plus point this is not like a regular face mask. when you applied this mask you still able to talk, drink or eat!
it's actually can be a leave on mask IF you have a super dry skin

How To used it?
take a generous amount or as much as you need and apply it to your face and leave it for 3 minutes. after that you can remove it with you face toner or a warm water. *easy right?*

this is the mask look like, it look like a  white gel  but when you apply to your skin it became a clear gel
 My Opinion :
at first you'll feel this mask is sticky but after a while it become more like a face moisturizer and not sticky any more. i do love the scent of this product it has a fresh green grass scent to it which really refreshing and relax. at first i didn't notice any differences or effect on my skin but after 2 - 3 times i do relise that this product does brightening and moist my skin, which is amazing! but again my skin condition is normal - dry skin, so it does give me an instant hydration.

here's my stupid pose at the beauty event

this product available at store on either 18 or 20th June 2012


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