Matrix Ultra Rich Spa and Trio Massage technique Review

hi ladies today i would like to share with you my experience with Matrix a couple weeks ago. i was contacted by mba Putri from Cleo Indonesia to try the new Matrix hair creambath and their new massage technique, so i think why not since im free and nothing to do anyway.

the product is Sensoria care, this is special range for damage and dry hair. in this range they have a shampoo, hair tonic, hair cream bath and conditioning hair cream bath.

there's 2 other person there to try this new Sensoria care, but the other two have a normal hair so i think they only used the conditioning hair cream bath, but for me the Matrix team decided to used the Sensoria Ultra Rich hair spa, because my hair is very dry and has been into alot of chemical process.

the shampoo and hair Spa Creme have a soft and relaxing scent which i love it so much and make me wanna smell my hair all day.  but the amazing is that the hair spa make my hair so soft and tangled free all day long! so i do want to use the hair spa again.

now let's talk about the Trio Massage!

Faiza Miranti, Jr Product Manager Matrix explain to us about the Trio Massage:

usually people come to salon and want to get hair spa for releasing their stress and to get relax. but mostly after the hair spa we got headache, because the massage to much. so that's why we want to introduce the new massage technique. this technique is based fro the acupuncture

there's only 3 important energy point in our head, and here's the energy point :

Source : astral-journey
Bai Hui Point, which located in the top our head it use to reduce stress and hair loss

Source : soundtells

Tai yang point, located in outer side of our eye, under you temple area the function is to relieve headaches

Source :sinfuliphone

Feng Chi point, this point located the back of your head, near your neck. the function is to reduce insomnia

and i do really feel more relax and i didn't feel hurts in my heads or headache after this trio massage. combine with the smell of the sensoria hair spa this is a true relaxing hair treatment, that you'll beg for more!


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