Vivian Eye Circle lens -Review

Happy Friday everyone! today i would like to share with you a new lens that i bought three weeks ago for my sister wedding. i want a gray lens to match my dress, well my dress is a ombre or gradient color from pink, peach and grey. i already have pink lenses, so i think i want a gray lens.

and i wanted to try different brand, i dont want to try Geo again since i have a problem with that lens a couple years ago and i still dont want to go back with that brand. so i choose Vivian eye, this is Japan lens brand i didn't know until the lens came.  so let's the review begin!

  • Vivian eye grey
  • Diameter: 17,2mm
  • Power: 0,00 s/d -5
  • Water content: 48%
  • Life span: 1 year
as you can see the lens color so pretty, but also i can tell this is not going to be noticeable lens color.

all this picture was taken in room light and i used camera blitz.

at first i hate this lens because it give me a blurry vision, but then i think that's my mistake. i just open it from the bottle and cleans it with the lens water then i put it on. then it give me a blurry vision. then a couple days after i decided to try this lens again, and now i love it, there's no blurry vision. 
this lens supper thin i think it's thinner then the other lens i have try (eos, miss eye)

what i like :
- it doesn't feels like wearing soft lens
- enlarge my eye
- super comfortable 

what i dont like :
- the color too is soft for me 

 last my FOTD 

happy weekend guys!!


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