Blogger Gathering For New Lux Fine Fragance Line

Hi guys!!

last week i attanded Lux Blogger Gathering at Kuningan, this event was held at Alex's Pizze e Paste located at Kuningan Epi walk mall. the place was so romantic and cozy and it was a perfect match for the event from lux.
i think all if you know whow and what is LUX right? if not i'll tell you a little bit about LUX. LUX is  one of top luxury brand soap in the world with a concept "made it like the costliest french soap". Lux also known as a beauty product that always puts the elements of femininity and flirty. Lux believe that beauty is not something you have to get by hard work but from a passionate feelings. every Lux body was contains a fine fragrance that design by world-class renowned fragrance expert to give the feeling of "million dollars feeling" everyday 

so they launch 2 new body soap fragrance they are Magical Spell and Secret Bliss. but on the event they introduce us the Magical spell which is the purple one. their main inspiration for this soap  is Black Orchid and Juniper Oil. they choose black orchid because they want to give the mysterious and classic and elegant feeling to all women who using this soap. 
Afriani as Senior brand of unilever Indonesia said that the next vision of Lux is to offer a fine fragrance skin treatment for their range. 

the scent that i think about this fragrance is fresh elegant and soft at the same time. i do like the scent of this new body soap. 

well before we go to the what's the ingridience of the new Lux fragrace, Teti Melitiany as the representative from Givaudan, teach us a leason about scent and perfume stage. so there's 3 part of perfume see picture below for my explanation.

on the event Teti Meltiany representator from Givaudan told us that for this fragrance they use Black orchid and  Juniper oil as their top note, and they also put jasmine and violet as their middle note. to add soft scent they add brown sugar and vanilla and for they base note they used sandalwood and velvet musk.

Afirani Karina (Senior Brand Manager Lux) - Teti Meltiany (Perwakilian Givaudan) - dan Rika Sandi (Assisten Brand Manager Lux)
after mba Teti told us all about perfume stage she let us smell all the top, middle and base note which some of the scent are annoying for me, hahaha. 
then after all the season done we eat our dinner which is so delicious and yummy! because im hungry i don't remember to took the picture. 

then i got this pretty goodie bag!! 

on the left that the magic spell perfume, LUX magic spell body wash and Flash disk

look at this pretty flash disk! you can wear it as your pendant for your neck less!

then before we leave there's a door prize it's Ipod Touch 32GB, and lucky i won! i was so shock and i didn't realize i won! until some of the blogger look at me and said that i won! im so happy!!
this is like a early birthday gift from LUX to me! 

oh then not to forget, the event have a dress code which is a touch of purple. i dont have any fancy purple dress, shirt or blouse. i only have a casual t-shirt and plaid shirt. im sucks at fashion area, but hey im a beauty blogger, i dont have the money to buy fancy cloth. so i decided to paint my nail purple and purple eye make up. :D

NYC Purple Monkey + Cult Nails Unicorn Puke
i would like to say big thanks to Lux for inviting me to this event, and thank you for the door prize it means alot to me!! 

hope you guys enjoy my super duper long post!!


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