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Hi guys, today I would like to share you my first impression with gel nail polish. So a week ago Tya from CyberHair Youth saloon invited me to their saloon to try out they nail gel service, so I really excited with this, because I only have try gel polish once and it’s only for trial in some exhibition last year, and honestly I was amaze by the result. 

So finally I try their nail gel the brand called Artistic Gel polish, this brand from US and they has big rage of gel polish color, from crème to glitter, and they do not use a UV lamp anymore, they use the LED for the quick finish.

So I went there and I was so surprise with the interior of the salon. It was so cozy and comfortable and I do love the place. So while the manicurist doing my nails, Tya As the PR and Marketing Manager  tell be a little bit about CyberHair Youth saloon, this was her friends business, and she want to help her friends to expand their saloon. At first this saloon was only made for guys saloon. But after Tya worked with them she try to add a girly touch with this saloon start with their font name and their new service which is manicure and pedicure. 

So here’s step by step my Nail Gel Manicure! 

1. Step One Apply Colour Gloss pH Nail Prep to the naile.

 2. Step Two Apply Colour Gloss Soak Off Bonding Gel to the nail in a thin application and seal the edges

 3, Step three Place hand in your Artistic LED light for 30 seconds. 

4.Step four  Apply Colour Gloss Soak Off Color Gel to the nail in a thin application making sure to seal the edges.
  • Place hand in your Artistic LED light for 30 seconds. 
  • . For darker coverage, repeat steps  4 and 3

5. Step five Apply Colour Gloss Soak Off Glossing Gel.
  • Place hand in your Artistic LED light for 60 seconds (double 30 seconds).  
6. Step six, Remove Sticky inhibition with Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser & a lint free wipe to finish.

this is might look take a log time and many steps but in total you only need less than 15 minutes for this manicure and you got a beautiful  nails and it lass for 2- 3 weeks!

and here's nail gel on mu hands!

i choose this color because it look so pretty and i think i don't have any nail polish color like this before then i want a glitter effect so it look more pretty. so in total i only need to spend less then 15 minutes for this manicure!  but it last for 3 weeks no chipping at all! you can do anything you want!

and here's my nail looks like after one week application, and it's still look perfect on the tips, so i really impress with this nail gel system! i do recommend this nail manicure to all busy women who don't have many times to change or touch up their nail polish daily, because this nail gel is strong and last for 3 weeks!!

and here's the beautiful Tya the PR and Marketing from Cyberhair Youth Saloon!


  1. hii cc.. I'm intan.chen @femaledaily hehe

    beberapa hari lalu baru aja meni pedi di salon, mau nya juga sistem gel ini, tapi malah salon nya ga menyediakan jasa uv gel ke kuku kita, kalo aclyric ada >.<
    padahal baca review2 kuku kita lebih bagus pakai gel karena tidak ngerusak dan buat kuning trus juga tahan awet bangett...
    mungkin karena bukan di Medan kota nya kali yaa di Binjai belom gitu terkenal sistem gel ini jadi blon di sediain..
    kalo pakai nail polish agak2 sebel, blon apa2 suka cobel sana sini, mana kering nya lama pulaa *sebel*

    kira2 beda UV lamp dan LED apaan yaa?
    UV Lamp mahall benerrr, agak sayang belinya bruakakakaka

  2. untuk s nail gel ini memang kayanya masih baru banget, jadi banyak salon yang belom nyediain, di JKT juga kayanya masih sedikit.

    beda UV lamp and LED cuman beda cepet keringnya ajah. klo LED lebih cepet jadi cuman butuh klo LED 30- 1 menit udah kering 1-2 menit. klo UV 2-4 menit baru kering

  3. Halo Intan :). untuk Gel polish emang kayanya masih baru banget di Indonesia sendiri, dan memang di Jakarta ajah masih jarang service nail gel. bedanya si UV n LED adalah kalo UV itu untuk cure gel bisa makan 2-5 menit sedangkan LED cuman butuh 30-2 menit :)

  4. Hi Intan... Hi Shella...

    Perkenalkan saya christiene,, Saya punya loch Gel Polish yang dipakai buat rumahan..

    Oh Merek Gel Polish , sy punya itu Red Carpet Manicure.. Waktu saya beli itu, udah 1 set. Jadi mulai dari Base Coat Gel, Top Coat Gel, Gel Polish, LED Lamp, Cuticle oil, ERase (buat ngremove... Pokoknya komplit... Sekarang Ga susah koq belinya.. Di Bandung, udah ada ditributornya, kualitasnya juga ok punya... heehehehe.... oia shella, LED cuman butuh 30 detik aja koq.. salah ketik ya.... makasih ya....

  5. yes i mean 30 second my bad haha.. mungkin udah mulai banyak yahh, tp aku masih jarang liat yang jual gel polish disini *not online* yah.. mostly masih salon yang over. but i'll post a review about another gel polish soon :) thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

  6. Beyond amazing. Love the effects you got! Thanks for the attribution! Wish to see your at the next review! I feel very similar on this topic but have some new ideas also.

    - Jane
    Gel nail polish kit


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