Ozotic 505 Review and Swatch

Today i have Australia nail polish brand, called Ozotic Nail Polish. i got this nail polish from Bubble Talk Shop at Fb, she sell this polish for 180,000 IDR or around 17$ which i think not very expensive calculate the shipping from Australia to Indonesia. i got 4 nail polish from her, i wanted buy 2 nail polish, and she know that im a nail blogger so she sent me 2 extra nail polish to review, so im very happy with that!!

i decided to post it per polish, i don't want to post it per group, just because it'll become a very very long and tons of picture in one blog post. can you believe i took about 130 picture just for this one and i have to cut it to 5 - 6 picture, and this kind of nail polish is need lots of picture because they color shifted!

Ozotic 505, is a duochrome/multichrome purple, green, teal and orange. this nail polish meant to be as a top coat or layering on top dark nail polish. as you can see on my 1st photo this nail polish is sheer and has a strong blue - teal color. 
on my 2nd photo it was layered on top of OPI Road House Blues. after you applied on top of darker nail polish you'll see the amazing shifted color! i was so amazed by this polish, this is the best shifted/duochrome/multichrome nail polish that i ever had!

two picture isn't enough to show you how amazing this nail polish, so i have a few more photo to show you with different angle  and lightning!

 i think i dont have to say anything more to explain this nail polish, i'll let the photo tell you more :D, so if you love and like and want to try this nail polish, specially for my Indonesia reader go to Bubble Talk shop and get this amazing nail polish!


  1. Shell tanya donk
    Dengan swatch sebanyak ini
    Km brp lama ganti pengutekan di kuku?
    Kl entar entar hapua
    Terua cat lg
    Kuku jd tipis dan rusak ga?


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