Lancome Hypnose Doll Mascara And Beauty Blogger Battle

Hi1 today post is about my battle on Lancome Beauty event yesterday . well last week there's another battle between Carnelin and Hanna, they both are beauty blogger and the staff from IBB. i was surprised that im chosen to join this Blogger make up battle, i was so happy and i also happen to have a free time for this event, so i say yes and why not to join this kind of event?

this event was held at Glow Plaza Indonesia, with this event Lancome is introducing their brand new mascra called Hypnose doll eye mascara, that's why our make up theme should be dolly look. for this battle i have to face to face with Marsha from Blushoff Blog.
the event was started at 3pm and we *Marsha and Me* are afraid that no one will come to see our battle, because last week most blogger just came and watch the battle between Carnelin and Hanna. but thank God several bloggers come to support us!

before we go straight to the battle there's opening dance by Lancome Doll models, they look so beautiful and tall and slim and perfect, and our MC yesterday is Rhona and yeah she look so beautiful and cute too!

well i have to say i didn't took many picture on this event because im too busy walking around the counter, playing make up and then im busy to give some direction to my MUA, yes i dont get to do the make up look for my model, i only give the ideas and direction to my MUA, to remake my doll look.

so most of this photo was taken by my boyfriends so the picture quite random but he manage to get good picture. so i'll give you more photo then word after this!

this is My MUA and Model

here's Marsha and her MUA

and yes i manage to be narcissist

and group photo!!

here's me and Marsha getting nervous for the voting moment
and if you see that face you'll probably notice something? 

and yep the winner is Marsha! so Congratulaiton to her. im happy for her. 
*dear Marsha if you read this, i dont know if i still want to be ur friends haha!!*

so when in group photo, i dont know why all blogger gather all in my area so i have to step back that's why you cant see me. 

so i have an amazing time yesterday, i got to hang out with my friends from othe blogger. happy to meet lot's of new people. and also working with the Lancome team.

thank you so much Lancome for the amazing noon!

and here's my price and goodie bag :D

Rouge In Love Lipstick
Hypnose Doll eyes
Creme Mousse Comfort foam
Tonique Eclat toner

and the goodie bag is : make up case from Glow Lancome Teint Miracle foundation Hypnose doll mini size mascara and Genifique


  1. Very nice event, what I noticed is that lancome hypnose mascara are those what you bought at the event? I love the article.


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