Pandora Vanilla Shake Brown Photo And Review

Hi guys! today i have a new lens, and finally i collect all lens color with different pattern and brand!
and finally i got my new lens from Tomato Online Shop, i've been eying this lens for a couple weeks, i love the pattern so much but the coloring is a little bit confusing, but i really like the pattern.

Specification :
diameter 19.50mm
B.C. 8.60
water content 52%
duration : 6-12 month
Brand : Pandora Origin : China

i got another blue animal case but this time a pig! which is soo cutee!!

you can click the picture to see the details of this lens! which is so pretty and i love this lens so much!

and let's see how this lens look like on my eye!

as you can see on my photo above this lens make my eye lot's bigger yet not make it look scar *at least that's how i see it*. the color isn't too bright like what i expected but im good with it. some how for me this is look more gray than brown. this is super comfortable i wore this for 12 hours a couple days ago, and i didn't experiance any itchy or dry eye for 12 hours! which is amazing!

ps: i did edit this photo because i have a giant pimple on my left cheek, but i only blur it, but you can still see the bumps there!

final opinion :
+ Has a unique pattern
+ Enlarge my eye
+ Thin surface
+ last for 12 hours without eye drop and itchy

- the color is not too bright

other than that i really love this this lens, they look so beautiful and very comfortable!! so if you want to try or buy this lens you can go to Tomato Online Shop!!

 Tomato Online Shop, where i got my lens 

5% discount with Coupon Code " chell-pwonderland


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