Talika Skin Retouch Event!!

Hi! so a couple weeks ago i attended Talika Beauty Event which held ar Makan Makan Resto. i have to say thank you to Marsha from Blushoff Blog, she is the one who invited me to this beauty event.
the purpose from this event, that they want to introduce us about their new upcoming product called Talika Skin Retouch.

What is Skin ReTouch? this is one of the new skin care that can help you reduce fine lines, brighten up your skin tone instantly. the concept from this product was taken from photography, where almost every photo shoot they have to edit their model to look flawless which no pores, fine lines or wrinkle!
this product over you an instant result for reducing fine lines.

Skin ReTouch can be use on your face, neck, and hands which is the most exposed part of our body where every body can see the imperfection of our skin. basiclly this product is like a face primer, you can use this product on top if your skin care.

the promblem is you can put your liquid or cream face product on top of this Skin ReTouch, it cant be blend or spread evenly to your skin. the best way is you can put a loose powder or compact powder on top of this Skin ReTouch.

i really like the packaging it's very simple and sleek and looks elegant for me. i love the fact that they don't contains any fragrance.

they moto is one click, since this is a tube packaging so where's the click??? so here's where the click sound? you have to twist the tube to get the actual product and it's give you the click sound!

so it come with build in spatula that made from silica, and you only have to use the spatula to spread the product,  you can't apply this with your finger but you can dabbing a little bit with your finger.
if your spatula get dirty, just use any make up remover and clean your spatula with cotton pad.

it make your skin matte, and the instant effect you fell that your skin become more tight and lifting. and it does minimize your pores and fine lines, but they not disappear completely.

so let's see in 28 days how this product works out for me, but i think this is best for my mom since she the one who have lot's of fine lines hahah.

and group photo!

this product will be available at November 2012!!


  1. Lol so do you have to keep track of when your mom use it? Or how does that go? I would love to try this too to minimize fine lines. I have some. :(


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