Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Blood!

Good Morning! i know i didn't post anything two days ago, the reason is i got lazy and i dont know what to write and a little bit not in the mood to review a beauty product *blame the broken lens*.

so today is my 2nd entry for the Halloween nail art challenge, at first i think this is the most easy one and i can do it for 5 minutes nail art, but it took me about 1 hour to finish this. first i dont know what to make, i wanted to make splatter blood, but it turns out failed and i only got a big dot on my nails, and i have to start all over again! so finally i decided to do a dripping blood nail art and i really love the final result! this is my first time doing the dripping nail art and im nail it! hahah

for this im using black nail polish from Color Club and Alpin Snow white and Essie red nail polish for the blood.

i hope you like my dripping blood nail art and i really can't wait to see the other blogger nail art!!!


  1. This is very nice, I love it! Especially with the white base :)

  2. kereeen >.<
    selalu amazed sm bloggers yg bisa bikin nail art!
    pernah nyoba beberapa kali, tp seringnya gagal. hha

  3. Nice job! I love your design! :)


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