Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Halloween Character

Hai guy's today challenge is the Halloween Character, i honestly don't know what to make but i've been seeing this Frankenstein nail art and i've been wanting to make one and i think it was cute and i never done anything like this before. so walla i made this nail art and i only need about 15 minutes to get the final design :D

for the base im using OPI Jade Is the New Black, then i using a black nail polish with a fine brush to pake the hair and the stitch. then im using white nail polish to add the eyes :).

 i try to make this mani look cute but i think i fail at that point and make this Frankenstein look more scary and creepy hahah.. but i love how this mani look :)


  1. sheila....bagus banget, warna ijonya gak norak jadinya karna ada hiasan hitamnya. Hiks... aku jadi pengen nyoba hias-hias kuku gitu, gak cuman warna aja, tapi gatot gara-gara gak bisa gambarinnya dan kukuku kecil mungil gitu. hahhahahaha...

  2. I don't think this is a fail at all..I think you did great. I have these shades and I could do this and I cannot do much at all in nail art! In fact I need a new mani and it's finally time for me to do something for Halloween - I think it will be this!

  3. haha, i try to make him look happy

  4. ah glad that you like my mani. this is quit simple actually. i believe you can do better than me

  5. memoiselle memoiselleNovember 3, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Hi Shella,

    You're very talented! Love the OPI shade you chose as a base.

  6. hallo Merry, ini Shella bukan Sheila :).
    kuku kecil bisa kok asal designnya juga ga terlalu bear, di sesuaikan saja


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