Lancome UV Expert GN-Sheild BB Complete Swatch And Review

Good morning, today i would like to review about the Lancome UV Expert GN-Sheild  BB Complete. i got this last month and i've using it quiet a lot and i really want to review this product and share it with you guys, because i think this is really a good product.


what it is ?
Triple Potency
Protect - Correct - Cover

For the first time in its legendary feather-light SPF 50 texture a complete triple potency action:

Protect: the exclusive UV-Proof GN-Shield® complex recreates a protective shield against UV rays to prevent deep causes of hyperpigmentation and premature aging, even at the dermal level. Now complete with Pollusafe™ and anti-free radicals actives to protect against external aggressions.

Correct: enriched with an active pore-refining complex, the Blemish Balm acts on skin's complexion to vanish imperfections, brighten and perfect its quality day after day. Skin looks visibly smoother, touchably softer, and healthily flawless.

Cover: carefully selected pigments instantly fade out lines, dullness and unevenness whilst leaving the complexion delicately dewy, ideally radiant, and perfectly translucent. Day after day, it reaches the ideal of a BB skin finish.

it only come's in 2 shade which number 1 and 2, and i just found out that mine was number one and it has grey-ish color, which the number 2 more pink or beige color *i haven't see it for my self*. 
so let's see how this product work's on me!

as you can see on my swatch above, it has strong grey-is color and i think it's look like most BB cream in Asia. at first time i saw this i was like "are you serious?, it's so freaking GREY!", but then after several time try this product i realize that, after you blend this to you face the grey-ish color will fade and match your skin color!

what i like is that it has SPF 50, and it doesn't fell greasy on my skin, and sticky like my face sunblock from Kose. for sunblock this feel so light on my skin, is like i don't weat any sunblock or any face product! 

The  consistency is not thick but not runny either and it's really easy to blend out. and you only need a small amount of product for all over your face, if you put too much product it'll make your face un natural white look. 

here's my before and after :

as you can see here that after i wear the BB cream it lighten my skin color and it does minimize redness on my face, but it doesn't cover acne, dark spot or dark circle.

it has minimum coverage so i say sheer to medium. i don't thi you can build it up or put too much layer with this BB cream because it'll cause you the white face effect.

it does have some fragranced in it, which is mix between sunscreen protection and something else which i can't say what it is. the fragranced will fade away after 15 min application. i must say that i don't like the scent of it!

final opinion : 
i would really recommended this product for all of you who nee high sunscreen protection, because it has SPF 50 and feel so light also it's a skin care product that not only protect your skin but also hydrate your skin! it only came in two shade as i mention before.

so will i repurchased this? hell yeah, i really like how this product works on my face. 

so i hope you enjoy my messy review :p..

Happy Sunday..



  1. So this is a BB cream? I love the coverage. I am not looking for full coverage but i like your swatch.


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