Organix Moroccan Argan Oil - Penetrating Oil For Dry and Coarse Hair

Hai Guys, Today I would like to share you my favorite hair serum, i've been using this for almost 4 month and i love love this product so much!
 i actually forgot where do i know this product but i was looking about Moroccan Argan oil, i know Moroccan Argan oil from my friend, she told me that Moroccan Argan oil is good for hair.

so i finally try this product from Organix and it called Moroccan Argan oil Penetrating Oil.i have no clue how this product smell, texture etc etc. but the price wasn't that expensive so i give it a go.
so it finally came and i was so amaze by the smell from this product! it smell so good and i in love with the scent instantly!.

the texture is not runny nor thick. this product will not give you a greasy hair or make your hair oily. i used this after i wash my hair, and i take generous amount if this product just because i think my hair need it and also because i really love the smell of this product.

my hair is very dry at the ends and splits too, because of the dying, flat iron. after i use this Moroccan Argan oil my hair isn't too frizzy and dry and it feel so soft and look more healthier.
some times i used it after i curl my hair and just run it into my hair so my hair isn't too dry and frizzy and it works and my hair look soft and shiny also no more frizzy or dry ends for me.

sadly this product is not available yet in Indonesia, you can get this at US drugstore and i think this is available on Singapore. you can find Organix product at Grand Indonesia Guardian it's an exclusive product so it only available Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. and currently they only bring the Shampoo and Condirioner almost in all variant, the coconut oil and the flat iron spray or heat protector.

if you looking for the original or the blue bottle shampoo it was sold out at Grand Indonesia and i think they'll have it back in stock this week, and it's quite hard to get this product because it always sold out at Grand Indonesia.

you can order this through Mimo Preorder i think it cost about IDR 130.000. you can get this from Drugstore, Ulta, Wallmart, etc, just give the product link to her and she'll let you know how much the product price.


  1. I am on the Aragon Oil for hair too. I have seen a # of brands out there - but I got started with Jose Maran's Aragon Oil when it first came out a few yrs ago. I used that just for fly-aways and then when I grew my hair out (it's now down past my shoulders since last fall), it got a lot more I started to use my Aragon oil on the shafts and half way up after blot drying my hair. I had bought a bottle of the Jose Maran Aragon Oil specific for hair (it has some geranium oil for fab scent and a little bit of silicon for shine and slip. Since I got into that after letting it sit untried for months, I really love that on my hair far more than the 100% pure. Not sure if I will pop for a $15 one when the JM is running out as the JM is a lot more $ - I am thinking the one for hair was $32 for I think it's maybe a 4oz bottle. But I use very little of it so it goes a long way. Never thought I would be putting oil on my hair as a leave in and not end up with a greasy mess! This stuff is really good.

  2. yeah i've heard about JM, and lot's of good review about their argan oil, but im not sure that im ready to spend lot's of money for that hahaha,

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