The New Lux White Collection Beauty Event!

Good Morning, i spouse post this event yesterday but i  was sick, i cant breath properly since i woke up yesterday, so i spend my day just blog walking and post what i have prepare from two days ago. i don't know what's make me cant breath, but thanks God, im ok now.

Last week Lux invited me to their launching event, and yes this is my 2nd invitation from lux. this event was held at The Dharmawangsa hotel, when i arrived at the hotel and see the entrance i was like WHOAA, it's so pretty and stupidly i forgot to take a picture of it. the set up of the ballroom was so pretty and white and glamorous! i love the set up.

this month they launch new range of body soap to the market, it's called "New Lux White Collection", for this collection they have 2 type of soap, they are White Glamour and White Radiance.well if you wondering what the different between the two, here's let me explain it to you :

The White Glamour is to make your skin fair and smooth skin and the White Radiance is for fair and glowing skin. both this soap has Unique triple ingredient system which is : Mulbery extract for lighten, honey to known to moisture  and micro crystal for exafooliate dull skin or in the white radiance they use crushed shiny pearls.

This is our speaker they are : Roslina Verauli-psikolog. , Afriani Karina-Senior Brand Manager Lux Indonesia, Kucera Vojtechdari Preciosa. and our MC!
at the talk show Kucera explain to us why they team up with Lux, it was because they have the same vision and mission! to help woman to be more confidence to show they inner beauty also their outer beauty!

also at the event there's gigantic Lux Glamour and Radiance Bottle, where they'll put the Preciosa diamond every time there's a women share their Sparkling moment ant Lux Facebook fan page! which is they need LOTS of it! because the bottle is so big!!

i didn't took many picture at the event, because i bring a wrong lens! so i can't really take many picture in the talk show, so i only have a couple picture after the event :(.

after the talk show the Lux team giving us  a card where we can write our Sparkling moment, but then they also choose tree blogger to write and share it to all the audience their sparkling moment at the stage!

me, Carneline, Alanda Kariza, Afriani Karina-Senior Brand Manager Lux Indonesia, Lala Karmela,  singer and professional., Andra Alodita, photographer lifestyle dan blogger. and another blogger i think she's a fashion blogger 

and finally group photo!!!

thank you Lux for Inviting me to this event! i have so much fun and i meet lot's of new beauty blogger! also thank you for the goodie bag!!!


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