Jordana Glitters - My Superstar Swatch And Review

hellow, im back! i was so busy last week, i got lot's of make up job and also busy with Face Shop make up contest which i lose and i am angry and sad because how stupid i am forget the main point of the Korea make up look. so yeah i still feel sad and angry with my self and again i failed to make my mother proud of me.

so today i have a new nail polish from Jordana, honestly i never though Jordana have a great glitter nail polish range, and i never interesting with the brand, until i saw the swatch of this polish from the other blogger. then i decided to grab couple glitter color to test.

i wasn't pay attention to the ingredients when u purchased this, i just want to grab the color that i really like. and when the nail polish arrived i was shock because this polish is 3 big free! i mean for 2.99$!! so i was so impress with this nail polish. so let's get into the swatch!

 My Superstar is a clear base pack with blue, red and yellow/ gold medium size glitter and small gold glitter. for the first photo i need about 4 or 5 layered. and on my 2nd photo i layer it over black and i only need 2 coats.

i really love this nail polish and i really impress with the quality and the price! i would definitely  grab the other multi glitter color! such a pretty polish and it super shiny and i feel like i have a party on my nail!


  1. ih bagus hasilnya xD etude juga baru ngeluarin nail polish yg mirip2 kaya gini, Ka. tp limited edition kayanya, aku jadi pengin..

  2. aaw. it's beautiful! you're so lucky that ur nails are long and pretty, mine are short, almost roundish >.<

  3. my nails are short now.. it's ok to have a round nail :)

  4. haii, iya bagus banget nih kutexnya dengan harga yang murah tapi kualitas oke banget,,,
    iya aku ada liat sih tapi beda sih sama yang ini :)


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