GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Review And FOTD

hellow, sorry that i haven't update my blog last weekend, just because i feel tired then my internet is down for couple days.

today i would like to review new lens that i got from Tomato Online shop a couple month ago, and i finally open it and try this lens again. as you guys know that i have a ugly story with GEO lens before. i've try about 3 lens from GEO and i feel the lens is uncomfortable for my eyes, then i started to try other brand.

so after almost a year i finally want to try this GEO Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey, i wanted other color but some how i really in love with this grey color, it look so pretty. so let's see the lens!

Specification : 
diameter 15.00mm 
B.C. 8.70 
water content 38% 
duration : 6 - 12 month 
Brand : GEO Origin : Korea 

so the lens has 3 ring color, as you can see the outer ring is black then second ring is grey and the third ring is yellow. which is in my opinion that's what make this lens look so beautiful.

so here's my thought about this lens :

i wore this lens for about 5 - 6 hours and i don't feel itchy or something poking my eyeball. it does give me a blurry vision specially after 4 hours wearing and it was a little bit feel dry in the A/C room.

it does make my eye large but not too much, and look dolly look. but when im not applying full eye make up it does look a little bit weird and not natural. but when i apply make up and eyelash it look so beautiful!

here;s my pale FOTD, and the rest about the pattern you pretty much can see it on my photo above!

you can get this lens from Tomato On Shop, you can order it from their Facebook Page or their site  for IDR 125.000, and you can get 5% discount with Coupon Code " chell-pwonderland ".

 Tomato Online Shop, where i got my lens 

5% discount with Coupon Code " chell-pwonderland

so this is my review for the GEO Lens and hope this review is useful and if you have any request or question for me just leave a comment below!


  1. wah this is the lens that, once, worn by tsubasa~

  2. yes it is! and i love the pattern so much


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