Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Hair Bubble - Melty Cherry

it's been two or three month i suffer with Pudding hair, and I've been patiently wait the right time to dye my hair back, and i wanted to dye it dark color, because blonde hair is pain in the but to maintain!

i don't like paste or cream hair dye just because it was hard to apply on my own, i wont ask my mom helps because i know what she'll said and i just don't want to hear it! haha. so last October i think i saw the hair bubble in Guardian i was so happy and i did buy the berry ash and did try it but turns out my hair look so green! i know what the cause of it, it was because my hair already has a ashy tone, and then when i dye it white another ashy tone it's turn to be green blonde.

then i was waiting and hoping that they'll bring other color to Indonesia, because i really want to dye may hair dark but i want a hair bubble because it was easy to apply on, and fast but then i haven't see any new color until now so i decided to take the darkest color which is Melty Cherry. 

inside you got the hair color, mixing liquid, hair conditioner, glove, pump and instruction which i never read or bother to see! haha

here's a picture sampe what kind hair color will you get with this hair bubble and i was hoping i got the 1st or 2nd hair color because it was a dark red chocolate.

so let's see how to mix this stuff!
easy huh!! do it for 3 mins in total!

and then apply it to your hair and sorry didn't take picture how to apply it but basically just spread it to all you hair, make sure you put a generous amount of the hair bubble, work from the bottom to the top. after that you can massage it until you feel happy and satisfy with it!

and here's what your hair should look like

after the application - after 45mins applcation 
as you can see on the bottom hair it look burgundy red-is color, which im shock and happy with it, and i know i'll get ombre hair, because my bottom hair look so dark yet my upper portion hair is lighter.

and here's the result!

i don't get the ombre look on my hair but i have some blonde spot on my hair, because i was so excited to apply this hair bubble so yeah i ended up having some "blonde hi-light".

and here's how it look like after 2nd wash and it's outdoor light

it look more red brown tone, but in indoor light sometimes it look like a ashy red/ brown which i like it so much!

what i like about this hair bubble is that after the 1st was there's no more amonia scent on my hair, compare to the prettia or liese hair bubble, i need to wash my hair 3 times to get rid of the amonia scent!

final opinion :
+ i will definitely purchased this again in the same color or other color
+ easy to apply
+ cheap you can get this from IDR 89.000 - 110.000 depends where you buy it! (PO price is about IDR170.000)
+ you can get this at Watson*sale for 20% off *, Guardian, Hero supermarket, Farmers Market.

- it does make my hair a little bit dry, but a routine hair treatment like conditioner and hair lotion will fix it!

so over all i love this hair bubble, just hoping they'll bring other color to Indonesia market!


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