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hai, today i have a sort post for all of you i was so bored with my nail polish collection and no mood to re swatch and post it to blog, so i think why not copy one of nail blogger nail art, and today i decided to copy Marta from ChitChatNails blog, if you haven't know her you should check her blog, she is one of the best nail blogger from Canada, she also sweet and friendly! i always adored her nail art, it always so creative and fun also fresh.! you can see the original nail art here 

at first i wanted to remake this because this is not perfect like Marta's nail art, but then i got a bad news from my untie that day *Monday*,and i don't have the time to fixed it any more.

  i was told that my grandma was in hospital which is this is kinda usual for me and the fams, because my grandma is sick, but around noon my auntie called and told that my grandma was gone, this is a shocking news for all of us, specially my mom. the process was so fast and we really dont think my grandma will gone so soon, because she was so healthy the day before, and suddenly she was gone just like that!

im sad and busy the past 3 days and i don't have the mood to write any post, but then yesterday and today i can't go out to attend my grandma cremation today becauseof the flood going on around Jakarta. my home is save from flood, but the area around it was cover with flood, i feel bad because can't go, so i decided to write a little bit.

i'll probably gone for another week until i have the mood to write again, so thank you for the all new and old follower.. i just realized that i hit 330 followers!!

so see you soon! have a good day


  1. Turut berduka cita shel...
    And selamat yach followernya banyak...
    Nail artnya it

  2. that`s a awesome nail design and so eyecatching :)

  3. Sorry that you could not get out to attend the cremation service for your grandma - but very glad to hear you home is safe from the flooding. You will have time to reflect on your many yrs you have enjoyed having your grandma here. I think if any of us could choose how we leave our life it would be not to linger and to go fast as your grandma did. Peace be with you.

  4. i was so sad because of it, but i think im recovering from that now. thanks for your concern you are so kind and sweet


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