Eye Candy Bulle - Blue Review

hai today i have new lens to show you. got this lens from Dreamie Chuppa from Facebook, lot's of people wanting to get this lens because it look so natural on the eyes, and it come with lot's of series and color. i choose Bulle because it was so beautiful and unique. i also want Belle which is more "natural" look on the eye, but since i can just afford one lens at the time so i picked randomly and got the Bulle Blue.

there's two type for this Eye Candy Bulle Blue, there's the PIII and KIII, the different is that the KIII has a gray tone in it, but the PIII is a pure blue color. i got the PIII it's the new color, Dreamie Chuppa has offered me to change the lens if i want to, but i kinda lazy to wait the shipping and stuff so i said im good with this one.

As Usual i always get the plano,

it has 3 tone color, black for the outer ring, thank blue and yellow for the inner rim

IDR 150.000/ pair
Water Content : 48 %
Diameter : 15mm
ingredients : silicone hydrogel
Minus : 0, 50 - 700
Disposable :6 months

booth picture was taken in indoor room with blitz 
so let's go for the review :

Pattern :
i like the pattern because it's unique

color :
i just hope it come in lighter blue color, it'll be more pretty for dark eyes like me.

comfort :
since this lens is very thin i must say that i feel comfortable using this lens, i don't get the blurry vision while im wearing this also don't feel something pocking my eye ball. but sometimes i can only wear it for 5 hours. it doesn't dry out when you enter mall or driving.

enlargement :
too bad this isn't give you the enlargement  but if you not seek for it this is a good choice for color and pattern and comfort.

here's how the lens look like in indoor room with no flash

comparation KIII - PIII

overall i really like this lens, it is super comfortable and i dont' feel wearing any lens with this. maybe in February i'll grab the Belle gray or green, i don't know which one should i get first haha.

btw if you want to grab this lens, there's a promo on Dreamie Chuppa shop :


sampai 31 january 2013

1 pair candy eye --> GRATIS GEO RANDOM*
2 pairs candy eye --> Pilih : GRATIS 2 pairs GEO RANDOM* ato 1 pair GEO XTRA NUDY (random warna)

so i hope this was helpful and hope you guys like it :)


  1. Wah bagus ya ternyata warna birunya ga mendem :)

  2. kalo yg warna green pasti bagus deh,, btw promonya masih berlaku? asik gratis geo


  3. iya ci mayan keluar untuk mata gelap :)

  4. masih kok berlaku, coba mention blogku ajah sapa tau dapet free ongkir

  5. bener2 teracuni aku sm si bulle ini shel.. hahaha... lg mesen yg gray aku xD

  6. ahh iya ci ini bagus banget di pake cuman kurang gonjreng for me.. but still a lovely color

  7. iy kahh? km lbi suka biru yg biasa km pake itu yaa? :o


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