New Hair Color By Alfaparf Milano

Hello, so a two weeks ago me and Marsha was invited by Alfaparf to do hair coloring, actually we've been planning this treatment since last year, but since we're busy so we decided to do it before the CNY celebration, so we can get a new hair before the big day.

we arrived at 12 o'clock and i was so hungry so i decided to ordered noodles and after we eat, the Alfaparf team checked my hair condition and the told me that my hairs look much better and the keratin treatment still visible, but i do really need to retouch the keratin treatment but for today they will only coloring my hair.

since i have a poorly ombre hair which is a black roots, dark brown hair and blonde so i decided to colored it dark purple/ burgundy a couple weeks before. so when i went to Alfaparf they have to remove my previous hair color then apply the new hair color.

so here's my before and after hair color

so the first thing that they do to me is remove the dark hair color so later my bleach blonde hair will be back. NOTE they didn't bleach my hair, and i don't want to do any bleach my hairs is demage enough if they do one more bleaching process i'll be hairless!

so this is how my hair looked like before the coloring process, i dyed my hair with the L'Oreal silk in burgundy a month ago i think.

after they analyzed my hair condition and said that my hair looking much better than before the keratin treatment, they decided to remove the previous color and then will color it later.

now step 1. remove the previous hair color, i don't know what product they used and i forgot to ask,,

step 2: after they apply the color remover the put on a shower cap then steam my hair for about 20 minutes

 step 3 rinse of the color remover then wash it with a shampoo then dry it, which i don't take picture for this step.

step 4 re-apply the color that i want and they mix several color to my hair, since i have a black hair for the roots, medium brown from the previous hair color than a blonde on the rest of my hair, so my hair dresser use about 2 - 3 different color to make it look the same.

the super blonde for my roots and the darker brown is for the rest of my hair

same like step 2, after the color application they put a shower cap then stem it for 20 minutes, then rinse it with shampoo and conditioner.

then the net step are blow dry my hair and cut it a little bit so here's how my hair looked like

still ombree hair but it looked much better and i love the color, just like what i want!..

ok for this treatment i feel that my hair become more dry specially for the end of my hair, and it become hard to comb i never experience this before, i think they used a very strong oxidant for my hair. but over all i love it.

and here's me and Marsha from Blush off after the hair color treatment. and actually this is our first photo together after went to couple beauty event together! haha

and not to forget here's her cam whoring with my DSLR

 go ther blog Blush Off, she's a fun girl but sometimes she'll annoy you because she so LEMOT! haha

thanks to  Alfaparf Milano for this hair make over! love it so much!


  1. hahahhaha love your last comment! "because she is so lemot"

  2. waahhh..cakeeepp..jadi alus banget..dr belakang kayak rambut barbie :3

  3. Sukaaa warnanya chell... agak2 kaya milk tea ya kalo kena cahaya :3 *lagi demen eksperimen rambut*

  4. iya cakep sih warnanya aku suka banget warna bawahnya,, bener bener warna yang aku mau hehehe,, yuk kapan kita kesana

  5. ahh bisa ajah,, rambut barbie kan panjang n lebih kuning hahah


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