Picture Polish Kryptonite By More Nail Polish Swatch And Review

Hellow, today i have a new polish from Picture Polish and this is one of their collaboration nail polish with nail blogger around the world. this polish was created by More Nail Polish she is a nail blogger from Australia you can read her story about the making of this polish on her blog here.

as usual i got this polish from Bubble Talk Shop she is actually the official network from picture polish to sell it in Indonesia, and she have lot's of Picture Polish stock right now, so if you really want to get this polish like ASAP, you better go to her shop and order one!

when i looked this polish on the bottle i was dissapointed because i can't see the strong Holo particle in this polish, and the green isn't like what i imagine  until i try it on my nails and this polish just take my breath away!!

Picture Polish Kryptonite, it says that this is a dark green jelly polish, but personally i don't see the strong jelly formula in this polish. this is a amazing dark green- jade u named it! i love this green color the holo particle isn't too strong but it doesn't matter! the green base make it look so pretty and i can say that none of other polish has done this color! for this you only need 2 coats for the full opacity! it dry so fast!

oh on every colaboration polish their's a fun quote, for Kryptonite the quote is :
Superhuman Nails For You

im so glad that this isn't part of their Limited Edition, i just hate when a great nail polish color become a Limited edition and hard to get! i love picture polish so much! the quality of the polish is worth the price!!

i really can't wait to snap other collaboration color, and i wish i can be part of that collaboration!


  1. bersiin glitternya susah ga chel?

  2. ga susah kok berihiinya, karena partikel glitternya halus bukan yang kasar :)


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