Eye Candy Belle - Gray Review And FOTD

Hai guys today i have a lens review for you, if you live in Indonesia you must know this is a most wanted lens for while and out of stock really soon. i've been wanting this lens for a long time and i finally get this from Tomato On Shop, i purchased this for the CNY celebration, but i ordered it late and it arrived at CNY. so i don't get the chance to wear it on CNY.

the first time i wore this lens i was shock and how un natural it look on my eye, because at that time i didn't put any strong eye make up look, and it look weird and it's hard to put it on because the lens is so thin and soft.

i got the minus one because the plano was out of stock and i can't wait (dont want to), so i decided to get the minus.

Diameter : 14.50mm
Water Content : 48% 
Base Curve : 8.60
CT : 0.025mm
Made in : Korea

Pattern : nothing special with this one and it almost look the same like the eye candy bulle.

color : look so transparent on the jar/ lens case almost look like a clear lens, but one you put it on the color pop! bright and look beautiful. but it look much better with full eye make up for me.

Comfort : the most comfortable lens that i ever try, i used to say that the Vivian eye is the most comfort lens. but eye candy feel more comfort and light on my eye.

enlargement : yes but not too much.

over all :
super love with the color from this lens and it feel so good on my eye it doesn't give me the blurry vision. i wore this for 7 hour straight and it start to feel dry and blurry.
what i don't like is that i have to put strong eye make up to make this lens look natural for me.

so i hope you guys like this post!

2. Tomato Online Shop, where i got my lens 
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