Zoya Pixie Dust Collection Part 1 Review & Swatch

Hellow, long time no see, a couple days ago i was busy with my thesis *finally started my thesis but now im very depress because of it*. i've been wanting to post this review a couple days ago, but then i got sick and stuck with thesis and i have no energy to write a review or even want to open my laptop to search stuff, so i only open facebook to play game.

so i decided to make this a two seperate post because i need more post on my blog also this is a mini collection which is over a soft pastel-ish and strong color, so i think this is a good idea to make a two post instead one and it'll be more shorter :D

today i want to share the pastel or the soft color first just because i really love how this color looked on my hand skin tone and specially the nude! oh the nude! so here we go

Zoya Nyx is a mixed between a periwinkle soft purple and a silver glitter, all the soft shade mostly sheer so you need about 3 coats for the full opacity  . the formula was great it was easy to put on and dry fast.

Zoya Vespa, is a soft green and also has a silver glitter mixture in it. same as Nyx it was sheer so i need about 3 coats for the full opacity.

Zoya Godiva, this is a perfect nude polish for me. this is a nude with a silver mixture in it. it doesn't make my skin look dull and dirty! this is the color that i really want from this collection. it cute and unique color. this is also a sheer polish and again i need 3 coats for full opacity.

over all i so in love with this Zoya Pixie dust collection, they will launch the summer or bright edition soon. but this the pastel one is pretty and im in love. all the soft and pastel color are sheer. it doesn't chipped after 2-3 days of wearing and still look pretty.

some of the color look just the same with or without top coat, and some show you a different color but you'll see it on my 2nd post from this collection


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