Benefit Campaign Day wohooo!!

Today post will be lot's of picture and less of words! so on 13 April we are having a campaign at Plaza Indonesia around 2.30pm, sadly we only can do it at floor 4 and 5 i think and many of you looking where we are, because we can't go to the main floor, because there's some rules at Plaza Indonesia. and some of you also ask where we are via Instagram and Twitter, bust we cannot reply it as soon as possible because we at floor 4 and 5 we didn't get any signal! and it's hard to post a photo on Instagram believe me!!

bu i do appreciated all of you who come to this campaign, and i am sorry because didn't give you guys the right place and time, because i honestly don't know the place :(, but i promise next time we have a campaign i'll let you know all the details!!

so here's Benefit team on action!

preparation for the campaign!!!

we're about heading out to the crowd so first we need Gabby to be the front line!!

 we have 5 Gabby and 2 beautiful SpyGal! they love to take group picture!

and TADAAA meet all the Benefit Fans!! so excited they found us today! 

at first we feel so shy to shout Benefit Is Coming To Town, but after about 1 hours we ready to make a crowd! so Gabby And SpyGal start to dancing and entertain people!!

  here's we are making a line and do a train walk!! also we dance a bit!

after the  Campaign all the team feel tired so we relax a bit then we heading home!
you see our  Campaign so fun and quirky, so next time we have a  Campaign come and join us and take a twitpic or post it on Instagram!!

Have a Good day girls


  1. fun banget ya. tp kepala gedenya agak nakutin xD

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    visit my blog ^^

  2. Lauren renturquiseOctober 1, 2013 at 5:28 PM

    Seruu bgt, gokil ide nyaa XD


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