I Am Part Of The Benefit Indonesia Team!

hello, today i would like to post a little bit update about my Job, if you guys follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you may already know about where i work! i got this job last month and i was interviewed at January or mid February.

Yep im working at Benefit Cosmetic as their Beauty Artist! for some of you maybe this is not a cool job, but for me can work in Benefit and work in make up industry is a big big dream come true! the thing is Benefit has a very unique work theme, where you can dress up while you work and you can give your crazy idea and they'll accept it as long it's contains 6 Benefit DNA!

As you Guys know that Benefit finally come to Indonesia and they will open their first pop up store at Jakarta in Plaza Indonesia this May! and we'll have out Boutique Shop later at Plaza Senayan and also we'll be opening at Pondok Indah Mall and this is will be our biggest store!
there's one fellow blogger working at Benefit too, her name is Fellicia i think you guys already know her, and i think soon enough she'll post about this too, we both so excited with this job!

Today we just finished our second day training, day one is very boring because we only come to hear about the rules etc, so i didn't post anything or take a picture! but today day two is more exciting, we learn more about Benefit product and we play lot's of games!

we learn about their skin care and finally we get the chance to play with all their product! oh my it feels like heaven for me seeing all Benefit product and i can try this and that! so here's a picture that i took today :).

i was so amazed by the decoration for the office, yesterday when we got our 1st training, this room still a plain white office room, and this morning we come back this is what we see, a room full of pink color and Benefit product!

and here's we are about to start the training today, so we have to introduce our self and what is our hobby! and out trainer name is Tiffany but we can called her Professor Pretty and she is a very bubbly person! she is very energetic today!

and ofcourse we have wall of the founder of Benefit Jean and Jene Ford with the two of their global ambassador Annie and Maggie!!

so that's it for today, sorry for the crappy photo quality, i only took it with my cell phone, but tommorow im gonna bring my SLR so i can take a good picture!

so see you soon!


  1. Congrats for the job ^.^ It's sound so exciting

  2. cool shella.. congrats yakkk.. :*

  3. hello ci shella.. jadikah pesanan design blognya? e-mailku gak dibales :s

  4. omg cece...you're so lucky! I'm envy ._.
    congrats yaaa :D


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