Lancome Hypno Stars Mascara Launching Event Photo & Swatch

Hallo, long time no post ya! today i would like to write a post event from Lancome. last weekend i was invited by Lancome PR to attended they event launching for their new mascara called Hypnose Stars mascara.

this is almost like a private event for bloggers but they did put a big stage for make over and photo booth. i really like this kind of event because there's only a few people and i can ask more about the product and the concept of this mascara.

once you arrived you'll see the make up podium/ stage along with the icon for this mascara Betty Boop, which is so cute and pretty too! i asked the BA why they choose Betty and she said it was because Betty represent flirty and smokey eye and long lashes, that's why they picked Betty as the icon for the Hypnose Stars.

at first i tough the mascara will contains glitter and make our lash so bling, but turns out this mascara will volume up, lengthen and define your lashes even more, but since i haven't try it yet i can say more about it. but i'll review the mascara as soon as possible i promise you this!

 this mascara cost for 375,000 IDR, available at all Lancome Store

at this event you can get a full make over, skin care diagnose or  2-minute aura, since i came with full make up so i decided to do  2-minute aura and a little bit touch up on my eye make up. actually i didn't pay much attention to the mascara, because the eye shadow so pretty and have a good quality and unique color, so i more focus on the eye shadow rather than the mascara hahaha!

there's lot's of eye shadow for this collection and all has a heavy glitter and shimmer! which is so pretty and some of it has a duo chrome shimmer in it, that's why im so in love with the shadow! and they are very pigmented!

here's the quick swatch and all of this only one swipe! and they look so darn pretty!!

 PASTEL GLITTER! so pretty and pigmented i really love this shadow collection, because they have such a good quality and the color pay off is worth the price!

and here's my eye make up touch up with the Lancome Hypnoses Ombre Shadow, the BA which i forgot the name she use T305 (since i love this color so much!!) and T002 a gold heavy glitter that she put on my brow bone, and i was so surprised by the result because it look natural and the glitter look so soft! this is the best gold glitter high light that i ever see!

both this picture was taken with flash!

this is my two top picked eye shadow from the collection, to be honest i love the pastel color and there's a white and pink translucent glitter that i love so much and will look so pretty for high light the eye, but i don't see my self using that color so much, so i ended up purchased the T305.

over all i would like to say Thanks to mba Putri for inviting me to this event and introduce me with the Lancome mascara and the pretty eye shadow!  i'll post more review about the shadow and the mascara soon.

see you guys..


  1. wawww...its really2 nice pigmented !!! >.<
    keren2 bgt eyeshadownya,swatch dikit aja gk perlu kbanyakan udah keren gtu di mata.
    review mascaranya juga dong mbak.penasaran klo dipake gimana keliatannya.
    love your post ! ^^

  2. iya shadownya oke banget dan pigmeted ga nyangka kalo Lancome bisa kaya gini hehhe,, untuk mascara akan di review secepatnya :D
    thanks udah baca :D


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