Inglot Freedom Palette And Eye Shadow Review, Swatch & FOTD

hi guys, today i have Inglot make up to share with you, after a long dilemma whether i should buy this palette or not, and picking up several color i finally bought and complete this palette last year. the reason i've been resisting buy this palette because it's expensive for 5 eye shadow it'll cost me 31$ usually i got 12 or more eyeshadow with that price. then i have problem with pick the color.

Inglot overs tons of color, and i suck at this thing i just cant pick one, usually when i can't pick one color from some collection i ended up buy all the color then regret it later. but since im no millionaire i can't do that! so after some searching and random picking , this is my palette looks like!

let's see the pallete first shall we?
it comes with a square/ compact magnetic palette, the material is dove so it's easy to clean up your palette with eye make up remover or alcohol, the lid is a thick clear acrylic with tons of Inglot prints in it. the palette it self quite heavy without any shadow in it. the magnetic closure is strong enough for traveling!

and here's the 5 shadow from my random pick, i got some blue, purple, peach, mauve and gray. i just pick this shadow by my fave color, my most wanting color, and i was looking for a vibrant purple color and the other two was just a compliment color.

and turns out my palette can be used for everyday look and for summer eye make up look, and i just realized it when im using this palette for review! hahaha

338 is a matte teal shadow the color payoff is amazing i must say. this has more blue into it

325 is a medium purple shadow color, i expect this a vibrant almost neon purple, but it was a little bit soft purple color than i expected. but the color payoff is good! also this is matte

361, a pink/coral shadow even though this is a light color, it's still give me good pigmentation.

344, a mouve color a little bit more into brown color, this is great for gradient color for smokey eye.

376, a medium matte gray shadow color,  nothing special for this color.

all the shadow easy to work with and easy to blend, feel so smooth and importantly i don't find any major fall out when i used this shadow!

and here's the make up look from this palette..

i don't know why but when i took this picture the shadow wont show the true color, in this photo the shadow look dull and ugly and not vibrant. i thin i have a problem with the lightning .

so over all i love this shadow, but i don't know will i purchased another palette or not, since it is very hard to pick cople color, specially when you buy this things online!

last photo :p

so hope this review helpful and see you guys soon!


  1. it is expensive but it's worth to try :p

  2. hahaha,, ini susah banget milih warnanya, saking banyak aku sampe random.. yukk belii worth untuk di coba :p your welcome

  3. it was around 31$ if you compare to UD naked price this one a little bit expensive because you only got 6 shadow in UD you got 12 shadow but again with this palette you can always change the color..

  4. quite pricey but the colors are very pretty <3 nice FOTD :)

  5. ngingetin aku sama my wish list chell *.* thankiss for this review! btw i love ur eye makeup and ur eyeshape! ♥

  6. chell ini how much?? *_* seharga UD Naked? lebih ya?? cakeeep beneeer.


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