Eye Candy Belle Blue Gray Review

Hi, today i have a new lens to review for you! another eye candy and i was told that this is a limited edition color, well im not sure that's true but i wish that this is not a limited edition color, because im so in love with the color!

i've reviewed this lens for couple times i have about 3 others from eye candy you can see it here, here and here :).

so the reason i got this because the color and my trusted seller said that this is a limited edition so yeah i buy it right away, but actually i saw Margy love review this lens a day before my seller show me what this lens is. after this lense available i bought it right away.

at first i tought it look almost the same like the eye candy belle gray, at first yes this is look almost the same, but after i compare it side by side it look different. this one called Eye Candy Blue Gray, the color look so pretty and bright enough for my deep brown eye but looks natural.

Diameter : 14.50mm

Water Content : 48% 
Base Curve : 8.60
CT : 0.025mm
Made in : Korea

Price : IDR 150,000

 Pattern : same as the other Eye Candy lens Belle and Bulle series.

color : on my eyes it look more blue gray, some how remids me of soft blue jeans color

Comfort : very comfortable i used this lens for 10 hours and i don't feel itchy or dry after that.

enlargement : yes but not too much.

over all :
as always im so freaking in love with the color, look sos soft yet make ur eye pop and bright! i don't know how describe my love for this lens range! al i can say this is a MUST HAVE! 
here's a little bit comparison between Eye Candy Belle Gray/Blue and Gray

i say that both this lens are unique and pretty, but the Eye Candy Gray looks a little bit like a husky eye, and sometimes it can look too much. if you want more softer look i say get the Eye Candy Belle Gray/ Blue

so see you guys soon!! 

you can get this lens from Dreamie Chuppa On FaceBook, 
 PolishWonderland for 5% off


  1. bener2 ky abu doank wrnanya shel >.<

  2. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 23, 2013 at 12:10 AM

    Oh really cute circle lens sweetie!
    Looks pretty natural on you!


  3. ada hint biru ci sebenernya ahahha


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