Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil For Demaged Hair Review

hi everyone, today i have a hair product to review and im so in love with this product. i've been using this product for the past 2 or 3 weeks ago, i think it's a little bit too fast for a review but i justs o in love with this product because it works so well on my hair!

Lucido-L is a Japan hair care product under Madom corp. i saw this product early May and at first i thought this is just a regular hair product from japan and i don't think im gonna like it, so every time i see this product i just hold it for a couple minutes then i put it back, until a few weeks ago i decided to get this, i don't know why but i just want to try it.

this product available almost in all supermarket or drugstore like Guardian and Watson, the price may vary it start from 30,000 - 40,000 IDR/ bottle/50ml. there's 3 variant from this hair vitamin oil
also there's the spray one but i don't know the name and the function or  price for that one, im gonna look it up later.

i picked the Damaged hair because my hair dry, dead ends, split ends and you name it, after a chemical treatment, constantly dye my hair and the bleach and stuff, so i picked something for damaged hair.

let's talk the Packaging : the bottle shape look so cute and small enough for traveling! which is good, also it was a tinted plastic bottle so you  can see how much product you have left. it also comes with a pump, which i love!.

the texture of this product is just like regular oil vitamin for your hair, but it doesn't felt sticky on your hands and it absorb fast to the hair, and it helps to reduce frizzy and rough ends, it's make you easier to brush your hair with finger!
this product has a floral scent, it's not too much and i actually really like the smell of it.

CMC (cell Membrane Complex) exists among cuticles and cortex cells to help them bond with each other & also works as "path of water" to transport water cells. when CMC is lost due to hair demage, cuticles and cortex cells break away, reducing the water-maintaining ability of hair, thus the combination with CMC- like ingredients helps hair membrane cells with water retention to create manageable hair up to ends!>
what i feel when i used this product are my hair feel so soft and easy to brush and some how it helps straighten my curly hair. i used this product on my damp hair and i devided my hair into two section and on each section i used 4 pumps from ear down, then one extra pump for my ends only.

even tho i used 4 upto 5 pums it doesn't make my hair oily, limp but it does made my hair so smooth and look healthy and shinny too! even after i make a high bun, my ends still feel so soft.

here's my hair after using this product, i know my ends still look scary but it was the better version after using this product!

so if you are looking for a hair treatment for a very dry ends i really recommended this product for you, and you can find it at Watson, Guardian, Food Hall, Alfa Mart etc.

so hope this is answer your question for a good hair oil for very demaged hair condition..
see you guys soon!!


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