Baby Color Candy Rainbow Lens Review And FOTD

hallo, today i would like to review a new lens that i found last month from Nadia Nicky or Cheapy Soft Lens, i was browsing through her shop then i found this unique lens that i haven't seen before, so i decided to get one and then she offer me one for review so this one is the sponsored review.

so let's go to the review and lens shall we?


Diameter: 19.8mm
Water: 60% (Hydrogel Silicon)
Lifespan: 1 year
Color: Gray, Brown, Blue, Red 
Power: normal , -0.5 s.d -10

PRICE : IDR 135.000/ pair

the reason i got this because the color, there's blue, pink and black outer ring for the illusion of big eyes. i never see any lens with this color combination and i think this is unique and must have.

Pattern : loos like a diamond and i think this i unique.

color : love it! the blue look so bright against my dark brown eyes also it look normal not super crazy lens type. and the pink gives me the bright eye effect .

Comfort : i wore this for 8 hours with out any tear drops and it feels just fine, no itchy feeling. so far so good

enlargement : yes!!! see the picture 

over all :
i like this lens, specially the color combination, what i like is that the black outer ring isn't too much. it is comfortable to wear specially with that big diameter. 

so see you guys soon!! 

you can get this lens from nadiasoftlens On FaceBook, 

*this was sent by the PR company / Seller for review consideration, all the review i write here are truly what i feel about this products!*


  1. I really like the candy rainbow too ^^
    I got mine in grey.


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