Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hours Face Primer

hello, today i have the new face primer by Benefit and this product just launch about last month in the US and i was surprised that this product already in the Indonesia store this August. i've been wanting this primer since i a few beauty blogger from US reviewed this product and they said this is a good product, so i really wanted to try it my self!

i've try the make up forever primer and monistat but both give me a break outs and bumps around the face, so that's why i never want to try or used any primer again, but i for Benefit some how i just want to try it, since many people say's that this is the first stick primer and it's kinda unique!

so first thing the box look almost like the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation but this one shorter.
then once you open it you can see the stick primer with the polka dot cap which look so cute, but it reminds me of top shop make up.

and the after you open the cap you'll find another small cap, i think all Benefit product has this kind of double cap, when i was worked at the Benefit Indonesia the manager trainee told me to dump the double cap, BUT for this product you need to keep the cap!

this is a clear primer and yes when you see the stick the color is a beige color but once you glide it on to your skin it become a clear product. be carefull when you twist the product out, don't twist it to much!

since the product is a clear i can't do a swatch for this since you guys can't see it so i'll just show the picture from me after and before face before the primer.

How to use it?

just glide the product right away to your face, but best is you do it section because you need to blend this really quick with the foundation, you don't need to wait this primer to set! with this i fell the best way to apply the foundation with my finger rather with a brush.
when you first glide on the product to your face you will feel a cooling sensation and it does feel a little bit tacky and do not apply to much, because it will be more difficult to blend in the primer and foundation.

so here's how the primer + HFOW looks on me
 Left Freshly applied  Right after 7 hours of wearing

what i feel : (FYI my skin condition Normal - Oily)
1. it different from other primer that i've try this one do not mattify my face which i love, it doesn't feel the smooth powdery feeling like the other primer.

2.for the 1 - 1.5 hours i feel that the primer a little bit heavy on my face, and it does feel that i wore tons of make up, but actually i only used the primer 1 pump of HFOW foundation and concealer only on my under eye and acne.

3.  after 2 hours my face start to look glowy i actually liked it, but my Boyfriends said that my face look so oily, i only set my make up with small amount of powder anyway.

4. after 4 hours i decided to blot my make up with tissue paper and some of my face product seems to come off a little bit, so i dont think this is really has that strong magnet.

5. after 4.5 hours i noticed that this is still make my face oily, cuz i was answering my phone and i can see the oil on my phone screen but only see the oil not the foundation.

final tought  :
i feel that this primer does hold on my make up, i still get oily around my T zone but it does hold my make up for a longer time. i like this primer because it doesn't make my face make up flat or matte but it still give me the glowy healthy look.

i dont this that this product works for oily skin, like really crazy oily skin, but if you have a normal combination skin i think you should try this product :).

Price this was i think about IDR 380,000 now available on Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia pop up store at Plaza Indonesia floor 3!!


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