Chanel Bel Argus Swatch And Review

hellow girls!! how are you today i have a Chanel Polish this is one of my splurge for celebrating my birthday last month, i only have one Chanel polish and it was the Peridot and i got it about 2 years ago when i went to Singapore, and i wasn't planned to purchase any Chanel polish again because it was so expensive and some of the color are dupe-able, for example the Peridot!!

and Bel Argus is another dupe-able polish from Chanel you might find it from other brand like China Glaze or OPI. so the reason why i got this because i just want to collect it since it was a limited edition polish and it's blue, you know that i am a big fan of blue polish!! and i don't have any polish similar like Bel Argus.

Bel Argus a limited edition shades in the summer 2013 L’Ete Papillon de Chanel collection, in this collection there are other color which is Azure and Lilus. hopefully i'll get Azure as soon as possible!!

Bel Argus, is a medium metallic blue almost foil finish nail polish. this was almost opaque in one coat! but i apply two coats for this swatch. it is very shinny and sparkly! what i love is that with a metallic and foil finish i didn't get any visible brush stroke!
the color can be change depending on the angle you hold your nails!!

as you can see in this photo it looked more lighter that the other one, and i am glad that i purchased this one!

and then i decided to stamp it with a butterfly pattern, because the name of this collection is L'Été Papillon de Chanel - meaning Summer Butterfly :D..

i say if you have extra money or you have a special occasion to celebrate something i say go get this polish! the color very pretty, formula was amazing!! but again this is a dupe-able color.

so what do you think?


  1. Any dupes you can think of from OPI or China Glaze? I love this(!) but Chanel is way out of my wallet limit! :(


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