Domi Eye Flower 4 Tone Blue Review + FOTD

Hallo, finally i have a new lens to review for you guys! today i have the Domi Eye Flower. this lens was sponsored by Dreamie Chuppa, and what i love about the owner is that she know what kind of lens that i love!

the lens design actually reminds me of the Pandora lenses, the coloring are similar, but the pattern surely different and i don't get why the called this Flower since the pattern isn't look like a flower and it looks more like a tribal stripe? haha

so let's see the lens shall we?

Avail : Blue, Brown, Grey
Diameter : 17,8mm
Water Content : 40%
minus : 0 - 700
IDR 175.000 + free animal case

Pattern : love the pattern, look unique enough for my taste :D

color : to my suprise the blue color pop up from my dark brown eyes.

Comfort : for a big lens and for a small eyes like mine i say this is comfortable enough, i don't feel any blurry vision or something like poking my eyeball. i wore this for 7 hour straight.

enlargement : YES! dolly eye look? yes

ps: sorry for the lighting and sucks photo quality i still adjusting with my new camera, so it takes time for me to get the right setting.

if i can give a rate this is would be 4.5 from 5, just wish the color more brighter for me.

you can get this lens from  Dreamie Chuppa, and mention Polish Wonderland to get 5% off from your order :D

thanks for reading!!


  1. Walau soflensbya berwarna biru, namun hasilnya sangat natural!!!


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