Konad M93 Image Stamping Plate {Sponsored} + Giveaway!

hallo, how are you guys? i finally back with a writing mood, i just finally have the time to write and today i would like to review a new image stamping plate from Konad. so last month on July i believe Joy from Nail Polish Canada contact me and asked if i would review the new Konad Plate.

i picked the M93 because it has 4 full design and 1 anchor pattern, as for stamping plate i like all the full design because i sucks for single/ small pattern so let's see the plate

so when come to review this plate, i actually very nervous and i don' twant to do a simple stamping, because i did this for other people, that's why sometimes it takes longer time for me to review a product, i need it to be perfect and fast in the same time.

All the image/pattern is big enough to cover all my nails, so if you have a long nails longer than my nails you don't have to worry because this plate/mage will fit for your long nails. it's easy to stamp on the nail as long you find the right polish for Konad stamping.

Pattern No 1, this is looks like a love chain, i really love this pattern, that's why i choose a pink base with gold gradient on the tips.

Pattern No 2. i like to called this a 3D block. can u see it on my nails? i wanted to added something to the nails, but i can't think what i can add so this is the final look. it is a bot hard for me to get the fine lines from this plate.

Pattern no 3  this one is a simple pattern it's a cheese pattern, i really want to do a black and white to represent the cheese but i did a black and white thing before so i decided to do a Grand Prix flag pattern.

sorry for the messy stamping i am running out of black and white stamping polish :(.

Pattern no 4 Leopard Pattern my fave! you can't have too much animal/ leopard stamping plate in your nail art collection.

so what do you think, i really like this plate because it has 4 full pattern/ design/ image in it and the anchor is a bonus for me because i can use it for a navy nail art!!

you can get this Konad image Plate from Nail Polish Canada for $8.74/pcs and they do ship to US , for International you may have to ask them about the price and the terms and condition.

here's for the fun part i'll giving away this plate (the new one of course)!! Nail Polish Canada sent me two plate and they sponsored this giveaway! this giveaway open internationally!! to join this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway RULES:- You must be a follower to my Blog using the GFC
- When 16 or younger, please ask your parents’ permission
- Giveaway ends at midnight October 1st 2013
- Winners will be announced on my blog

- For extra entries (chances of winning) you can:

* Follow me on Twitter
* Tweet about the Giveaway
* Like Nail Polish Canada on Facebook

* Follow me on Instagram
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* Leave a blogpost comment (it could be anything suggestion for my blog or why u want to win this)


  1. More tutorial nail art ^_^
    I would like to win because i wanna try the Konad Stamp it look so interesting :3
    Thx for the giveaway~

  2. I would like to win this because i never try Konad Stamp and it so interesting for me :)

  3. Please show me how to make marble nail :) with video tutorial ^_~ thank you

  4. I have never seen something like this, it looks so neat!

  5. wah stanping plate XD, selalu pengen coba stamping plate tapi gak pernah nemu hehehe.
    Sist, share dong , step by step buat ngejaga biar kuku gak kering kalo sering pake kuteks. Soalnya kuku aku sering kering kalo abis pake kuteks.

  6. Kakak siapa yang menang ?


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