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Hi everyone today i have Scrangie the queen of nail art nail polish to share with you! so a couple months ago RBL team up with 5 Nail Blogger to create a collection for Blogger 2.0, each blogger can make their own nail color, and i am very excited for this collection.

RBL is a Indie brand nail polish but i think this is a luxury brand because each polish cost for 20$/ bottle and yes this is expensive one, but i for this collection i really don't care because i love the color and the blogger who create the color for this collection.

Scrangie has been my inspiration and one of the reason i decided to start a nail blog, she has an amazing nail and a good nail color description, at my first post i did copy her style of writing and her style of taking photo, but it only because i new to the nail blogging and she is the only one nail blog that im in love with, so yeah Scrangie has been my inspiration all this time!

Scrangie 2.0 sold out right away after the Pre-Order launch and i feel so heart broken that i didn't get Scrangie, but thanks God that Ji the owner if RBL decided to bring back Scrangie 2.0! and this time she make a bulk of stock for Scrangie 2.0!

Quick Overview

Naturally, I tagged Queen Scrangie first, who can forget what we’ve made together already? And, of course, she wanted that elusive nail-polish-goliath. A black oil slick with a multifaceted ring visible in low-light. I, too, have had this effect on my wish list for as long as I can remember. We tried unconventional raw materials that failed miserably after months of mixing. After six intense months, the end result is a polish that contains isolated oil rings, it is the color of an oil base that floats on water with rainbow sparkles, it shifts from shade to shade depending on the light that is cast on it. 

Scrangie 2.0 is a olive, gold base packed with multi color shimmer in it, it look magical in the bottle. but once i applied to my nails i was so surprised how beautiful this polish is! it's like a rainbow and amazing, i can't really describe it in words actually. this is almost a one coater polish, but i did two coat fir perfect flawless finish!

 this is such a perfect polish and i was so glad that i can get Scrangie 2.0! and this is polish become my top favourite color!

you can get this polish from RBL web and it cost 20$/ bottle they ship internationally and you can get free shipping when you spend 200$ there. 

RBL polish are a big 5 free and cruelty free!

so what do you think? im in totaly in love with this polish, such a stunning nail polish that worth the price (at least for me )

so see you guys soon!


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