FreshKon Mosaic Luscious Green Review

Hallo, today i have new lens review and this is not a Korean or Japan lens. this is from FreshKon. which is you can find this lens at any optik in Indonesia. last month i got a Beauty Box from Beauty Treats Indonesia, and in this box the include a voucher for this lens.

so this is my 1st time trying lens from FreshKon, all i know is that people said that this is the best common lens in Optik store, and all i know that this lens is quite expensive. the lens it self look a little bit transparent and at first i thought this wont show up for my dark brown eyes.

i chose green because the option only blue, brown, gray and green, i have soo much gray lens and blue, i want the brown but im afraid that it wont show p on my eye, so i  choose green.

Diameter : 14.20mm
Water Content : 55% 

Base Curve : median 

the pattern look standart and it has 3 tone in it, it has gray-ish black ting, a light green and yellow inner rim.

Pattern : nothing special with the pattern, but i like how the yellow inner rim looks in my eye.

Color : look nothing special on the jar, but once i try it on OH it look so pretty! and im freaking in love with the lens! it's look a little bit not natural, but with a little bit of make up it looks ok.

Comfort : it dry so fast on my eye. i was using this for 4 hours and i started feel soo dry and uncomfortable. ( may need a drop of solution )

Enlargement : nope

over all i love the color so much i actually and i am still using this lens almost everyday since i got it. i never had green lens color like this before.

so what do you think? i just love the color and it so pretty!


  1. Duh kak aku suka banget sama FOTDnya, super cantikkkkkk <3 dan lensanya natural banget, aku jadi pengen beli juga hihi

  2. Wah warna yg Lucious Green cakep jg ya.. Cocok bgt boad sis.. ^_^ Btw boleh tanya nih.. Aku baru beli Freshkon jg nih. Baru pertama kali pake colored contact jg. Tp koq waktu aku pake jd aga blurry ya. Terutama kalo liat jauh. Pdhl minusnya sudah pas. Aku biasa pake contact lens bening dgn minus segini ga ada masalah. Kalo sis ngerasain blurry jg ga pake freshkon? ada saran boat ngatasinnya?? thank you yaa..

  3. halloo,, makasih yah aku juga suka banget nih dengan warnanya..
    kalau blury sih ngerasain di beberapa contact lens, termasuk si Freshkon ini. kalau blury artinya bagian yang berwarna itu bergeser dekat pupil kita. mungkin karena kamu belum terbiasa ajah.. paling kalau bluri antara kedip- kedip biar balik ke posisi yang benar or tetes pakai air tetesannya :).. semoga membantuu

  4. ayoo di beli aku sih suka banget sana warna dari lens ini,,,
    makasihh udah mampir :D


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