Carbonated water System With One Piece Saloon

So last week i was invited by One Piece Saloon team to try their new Carbonated water system, and I have no idea what that’s mean. this event was held at the One Piece Saloon at Kelapa Gading, as you may know that this is the new branch at kelapa gading.

The saloon feels so comfy and clean. All the staff very friendly with me. So when I arrived Mrs. Oktarina explain to me what is Carbonated water system and why is that important for our hair. So basically Carbonated Water System is a soda water that can help clean your scalp and hair. Also this carbonated water can help to lock you colored hair, make your hair shine and many more.

Mrs.Oktarina and Kyosuke told me that water in Indonesia is very dirty and it doesn’t help to clean up your hair, so just by washing your hair with a regular water isn’t enough to remove all the dirt, shampoo left over. And that’s why we will have a hair fall and dandruff.

The process for this carbonated system is that we have to clean up our hair (shampoo), then rinse it off, until there’s no more soap left over. After that they used the carbonated water on my hair, and with this carbonated water I can see lot’s of dirt and shampoo left over and they said that my hair is very dirty. And after that they towel dry my hair and wrap it with a towel, I started to feel a tingling around my scalp. And the One Piece staff told me that it was normal, because my scalp is very clean now. The tingling sensation last for 10 minutes, and when I rub my scalp I started to feel the tingling again.

This treatment cost for IDR 100,000.-, and you can try this treatment at One Piece Saloon only, they said that use this treatment for twice a week will give you the best result. So what do you think? I do believe that this carbonated system can help clean my scalp.

and here's the styling for my hair and i so in love with the style! it look messy curl!!

Thank you One Piece saloon for inviting me to this event.


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