Ciate Caviar Manicure Review And Swatch

Well Hello guys! how are you it's been a long time since i posted something on my blog. im sorry for abandoning you guys, but i was so busy with my new job (internship), thesis and also new year and family stuff, and you know when once you stop writing for a while it will get more harder to start write again.

so now i try my best to keep write and post every single day, and put more review and stuff. and BTW Happy New Year to all of you! i'll post what my New Year Resolution soon!  and 2013 has been an amazing journey for me.

ok now to the polish! so Nicula beauty Store sent me this Ciate Caviar polish, she actually sent me other stuff so on the few next post you'll see more review sponsored by her shop. she knew that im into a nail polish, so she sent me this polish and i was so happy to get this one.

this package comes in two bottle of polish, one is a regular black polish and the other one was a "caviar" or mini beads, mix of black and blue color.

Base = Black (since there's no name ), thi is required 3 coats almost 4 cotas for the full opacity, im not impress with the base color payof but, it dries quiet fast too! the brush is very slim but it doesn't trouble me with the application.

Beads : application was easy since i only need to pour it into the nails and press it down. and since this was a mix between black and blue, you'll get various color on each nails like mine did.

what i noticed that after the first 15 minutes of wearing, some beads will gone, but one you try to peel them of it's quiet hard and i think the base polish really stick to the bead, so this will be last for about 2 days if you don't do any crazy stuff.

you can get this polish from Nicula Beauty Store, i think she didn't post this polish but if you really interested with this polish, try to contact her through Facebook or Line.


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