Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume Review

Hai, remember that last month i was attending the Katy Perry Killer Queen event? so today i would like to review about the perfume it self. if you want to know more detail about the perfume etc you can go to this post.

so as you know that i love Katy Perry, her music and  her personality. so i was very excited with this perfume not only because of the Katy Perry but because of the unique bottle and the them behind this perfume.

Company’s Description
She is empowered and invincible, headstrong and beautiful, lethally gorgeous, and regally restless. Revolution is in the air. It’s time to overthrow convention. There’s a new queen in town. Killer Queen by Katy Perry is an intoxicating and charmingly playful floriental fragrance with luscious notes fit for royalty. Inspired by a Queen’s scepter, the jewel-shaped bottle portrays sexy sophistication and luxury. The rich gold crown cap showcases a custom crest capturing Katy Perry’s playful essence.
i got the 30ml bottle and the box looks so big for me. the thing that i love from this box is that the detail in this box. by just the box it gives the impression of luxury. 
Note's for this Fragrance :

Top : Wild Berry, Dark Plum, Bergamot
Middle : Red Velvet Flower, Natural Jasmine Sambac, Rainbow Plumeria
Base Note : Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart, Liquid Praline

the bottle Shape looks like a diamond, and it's inspired by queen’s scepter and the color gradation/ ombree just give more extra elegant and luxury into this perfume. and every single thing in this pefume look so pretty and beautiful.

the Scent it's very alluring it doesn't smell like an old lady perfume, it does have a very strong berry scent, and it doesn't smeel too sweet or masculine. if you like the Lady Gaga Perfume you'll love this too,

the Scent last for 4 hours and it's start to fade away after the next hours. but you can still smell the perfume after 8 hours of wearing, so i say this is a good staying power.

and inside the cap there's more Killer Queen and Katy Perry 

this perfume available in 3 size :

Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau De Parfum 100ml/ 3.4oz : IDR 690.000,-
Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau De Parfum  50ml/ 1.7oz : IDR 600.000,-
Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau De Parfum  30ml/ 1oz : IDR 480.000,-

so what do you think? im so in love with this perfume and i've been wearing this perfume since i got it.


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