Incoco Nail Applique - Park Guell Review

Hello guys! today i would like to share a nail Applique from Incoco. Incoco team contact me a couple months ago and they ant to send me some of their product and i say yes, because i know Incoco and i've been wanting to try their nail applique, but back then they didn't offer a international shipping, so i've been waiting and waiting and one day the contact me to review some of their product.

Incoco nail applique basicly is a nail polish put in a stripe form, this is a perfect nail polish for a busy ladies who wants a pretty nail look in 10 minutes and last for 1 - 2 weeks! They have over 200 nail applique design on their website now!

ok my review :

design, oh my God they have like TONS of design and they all are unique and pretty and so freaking hard for me tor pick only 3 design. All design are unique and one of a kind from any other nail applique i've ever seen in the market!

Application, at first it's a little bit tricky but once i read the instruction it's get better and easier! There's no need of base and top coat, the nail applique gives you a glossy finish nails, and the applique look natural on your nails without looking fake.

Lasting : i wore this for 1 week, and i didn't found any chip or smudge, i tasted this nail applique with washing dishes, wash my dog, opening stuff with my nails (with the result my nails chip), this nail applique stay strong for those tasting! i was impressed by it!

Removing, simply just use a nail polish remover, it is a little bit hard to remove this applique but unlike removing a glitter polish!

ok you see there's a chipped at the tips of my nails it was because i was using it to opening stuff.

So far im in love with this nail applique, it's easy and quick application and no need a drying time or what so ever. 

Per package you got 12 nail appliques for all your nails, but if you have a short nails like mine, some of the biggest nail applique can be used for 2 nails! All this nail applique cost for $ 8,99 a bit expensive but hey you got a pretty nail design in under 10 minutes, so no complaint here!

You can get this from their website, i still have 2 nails applique waited to be review soon!.

thank you Incoco for sending me this nail applique, and i enjoyed it so much!


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